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Tools to upload pictures on Instagram via PC/ desktop

Have you ever wondered how easy life would be if you could post pictures on Instagram using your desktop or PC, well if yes, your dream is about to come true now? If you wish to set up a set of posts on your computer then the best option is to use the tools available online for uploading using the computer, they also allow you to send the posts along with the reminder on your phone as well. Manually you use Instagram to complete the post. The terms and conditions of Instagram will not be exploited.

A scheduling feature for posts uploading can also be achieved using Tailwind or HootSuite, these two applications are approved by Instagram partners

There are also other ways for uploading a post on Instagram using desktop or PC

Direct posting from PC is not possible so you would have to use a third party tool for uploading.

So the best ways for uploading posts on Instagram from PC are described below. Using the simple steps you can upload posts on Instagram in no time.

3 Ways To Upload Instagram Photos

There are three main groups below which Instagram desktop falls.

  1. Get a scheduler app that allows you to set up the post and then sends a notification on your mobile phone.
  2. Emulators are the schedulers that allow you set up the post using your mobile phone devices
  3. And lastly, the emulators that allow posting directly on your PC

With the first option, you use Instagram because the posting is being done using the device so it can be sanctioned from Instagram

For the second option, we may call it unsanctioned via Instagram and may cause your account to be closed

The third one is more suitable with Instagram but it can save you from getting your Instagram account closed.

There are other three options that can be used for getting the stuff from your computer to your device for posting, these three are the options which you might be already familiar with, but the main thing is to post directly from the PC

Instagram was mainly created for giving a platform for socializing and for sharing the moment. You can now buy instagram followers cheap starting from $1 only from The intention of creating this application was to allow people to share moments. And this application has evolved over time with the addition of new and advanced features.

But it has not given the liberty to share stuff directly from your desktop or PC. There are now many different applications available that allow you to do. These applications have to be downloaded both on your phone as well as on your PC.

This tool on your desktop allows you to plan a look for your account, and also allows you to post directly whenever you are busy.

You can also visit for further information. Yes, instagram can be downloaded on PC but posting is a different thing which Instagram doesn’t allow you to do via desktop.