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Social media has an outreach of up to three billion people. This means that almost half of the global population can be reached through social media. These are huge numbers. No wonder people buy Instagram followers to increase their popularity. 3.028 out of the total 7.524 population of the world uses social media. It is amazing once you realize that the numbers will only increase in the future. Most of the contributors to this amount are mobile phone users which make up 2.780 of the entire amount. The social media applications are a big hit amongst them. to be exact almost one million users are added in one day. With this rate the amount of people using social media will increase considerably in no time.

However, there are some social media websites like buy 500 Instagram followers which are more popular than the others. Facebook being on top of them all and Instagram and Twitter following with a close margin. Snapchat is also taking over with its unique style of media sharing. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are also quite popular among social media users. Some of these applications for example Snapchat and WhatsApp are only available for cellphone users.




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